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I'm the right life coach for you if...

Abraham Hicks Bipolar

If you consider yourself to be bipolar.

If you have bouts of or ongoing intense fear.

If you have mild, moderate or deep depression.

If you feel despair.

If you feel powerlessness.

If you feel hopelessness.

If you are experiencing any type of suffering.

And you believe in the

Law of Attraction; that you are the creator of your own reality through the power of your thoughts.

If any of the above are true then you've come to the right place!


I teach perspectives, tools and processes that have given myself DRAMATIC relief. Again and again.


A deep abiding sense of Well-being is your natural state.

What does it mean to be bipolar anyway? I will share this analogy that I learned from Abraham Hicks

If your car is going 5 miles an hour and it hits a tree, no big problem right?

But if your car is going 100 miles an hour and it hits a tree, much bigger problem.

In this analogy the speed of the car represents the intensity of your desire.

And the trees represent your resistance (negative beliefs).

You might think that the solution would be to just slow your car down. And in the short term, that IS a good idea. But you can't keep that up for very long, because the entire Universe is set up to create desire within you. 

The real solution is to get rid of the trees. Softening, soothing and diminishing your resistance is the answer that you've been looking for.

And I can show you how to do that!

Lily symbolizes Spring renewal of the human spirit


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As you might have guessed, yes, I have the label of "bipolar" myself.

A turning point in my life happened several years ago when I went on an Abraham Hicks cruise.

What I learned in the workshops on that cruise saved my life and changed my life forever.

It was the beginning of my liberation from intense fear.

What did I learn that had such a strong impact on me? Click below to find out.

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